Top Landscape Lighting Trends in 2021

Top Landscape Lighting Trends in 2021

From lighting up your dull entrance to beautifying its looks, outdoor lighting can transform your décor instantly. The modern lighting fixtures available for the garden as well as the backyard look beautiful. They are also cost-effective in the long run. 2021 has brought so many modern and unique lighting options with it. These innovative landscape lighting trends highlights the architectural features of your building and provides security in dark areas around your garden or at the door.

Here are Some Top Landscape Lighting Trends of this Year

landscape lighting trends of 2021

Color Changing Lighting:

Keep your landscape updated with a color-changing light system. Differently colored lighting with changing colors and patterns can bring life to the water fountain and along the sidewalk. You can create a relaxing ambiance in warm oranges and yellow. You can also choose cooler blues, greens, and purples.


With uplighting systems available at Illuminated Gardens, you can highlight the front of your home, its architectural style, and unique construction like never before. It’s time to show off your beautiful home while keeping it harmless from burglars.


If you have children or the elderly at home, this type of lighting option is safer because there are zero chances of anyone tripping over these lights. Moreover, they are accessible in a huge variety and are best for enlightening your landscape’s specific structures.


Add recessed lighting into your home’s architecture and other structures such as the deck, pergola, and soffits. These lighting options with a soft glow create a safety feature while keeping your home’s architectural style intact. Keep the focus on a front yard feature, shrubbery, or unique plants. This style of lighting is useful and yet indiscernible.


You may find a variety in the lighting technology and low voltage walkway lights, having the outdoors lit will not collapse your budget. Having a remote-controlled energy-efficient lighting option could be a great money saver. They offer you more than just lights.


Lighting up the stairway path with LED strips attached to the outcrops; create an eye-catching and safe path. These lights have the potential to brighten the deck and add elegance & modern touch while giving a chance to start a conversation. Take this idea inside for your stairs and it will give a new appearance to your outdoors in the evening hours.


Your outdoor lighting will not look like an afterthought anymore with scones that are stylish and personal. You can choose brass and copper textures with a modern or vintage style. It will give your front yard a stylish touch, creative and fun mood. Bring your interior style and imagination to a consistent flow from the inside to the outside.


Commonly established around business and public edifices, lighting the pathway, you can choose lawn bollard light stands. The bright LED lights are ideal for the front landscape as well as the backyard around the deck. It will create a comfortable low-light ambiance making a beautiful seating area.


Add style and elegance to your outdoor lighting equipment by choosing smart torch lamps. There is a wide variety of smart torch lamps. You can control them with your phone or devices. Next year, you don’t have to worry about lighting your outdoor whenever you are on a vacation or a trip.

Some Other Popular Landscape Lighting Trends

· SOLAR POWERED LANTERN: Solar-powered lanterns or lighting options are a modern way to be safe and add elegance to your décor. Adding them to the garage pathway or in the backyard will be a great option. Having matching light cases with the rest of your building’s structural design will give it an overall unique glow after getting power from the sun for the whole day.

· STRING LIGHTS ON THE TREE: Those who have a picnic table in their backyard can add a special glow to the trees with string lights running through these trees. Such lighting is not visible in the day but in the night. The glow is bright enough to let you have wonderful family conversations. You can eat without blinding your guests or the neighbors. You can easily organize gatherings in your backyard and have a party on the patio!

· TOP OFF THE FENCE: Want to make your home more festive? Choose holiday lighting for your backyard as well. Running string lighting along the top of the fence look bright and beautiful. You may decide to keep them intact all year long!

· WATERPROOF PATIO FLOOR LAMPS: Those who think floor lamps are just for indoors, must check out patio floor lamps. These waterproof outdoor floor lamps for your deck, patio, or garden add more adaptability to your outdoor space. Use a few of these lamps as they will transform dull outdoor space to host parties or spend some quality me-time.

Bottom Line

You must enter the New Year with style and follow a certain guide to upgrade your lighting with these latest landscape lighting trends . Experiment with different lighting options as it will give you the opportunity to improve a dark area. You can create a low ambient glow for taking hold of instant attention.