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How Professional Landscape Lighting Installation Helps In Lawn Care?

If you have confusion whether landscape lighting could benefit you or not, in that case, you must take professional help. Taking suggestions from those who have already installed outdoor lighting can also help you get answers to all your questions. They can better explain how lighting has actually improved lawn care and the overall security of their premises. Many owners have anxiety as they believe that landscape lighting installation comes with lots of digging and damage that could cause problems in your lawn. But this is not true. If you choose a landscape lighting specialist for lighting design and installation in your lawn, they make sure everything is done in a proper manner. They ensure your beautiful lawn is not messed up at all. Instead, it should look more beautiful at night after outdoor lighting installation.

Many are afraid of trying out landscape lighting just because they don’t want to spoil their lawn’s beauty. They should not be scared as landscape lighting installation is easy and doesn’t pose any risk to existing landscapes if the lighting system is installed correctly. Never ever try to install outdoor lighting by yourself. Always hire a professional lighting installation service provider. Experienced lighting companies and their team exactly know what they are doing and how they should adequately install outdoor lighting. From buying proper wiring, which is the essential lighting aspect to choosing high-quality landscape lighting and taking design inputs from the client, they know how to manage everything well. After all, it is your lawn, and making some great decisions will give you an added peace of mind.

Steps To Install Appropriate Lighting In Your Garden

STEP 1: Wire Burial

This is the first step. It should be performed with care so that your lawn can be preserved and prevented from damages. Burying the wires deep enough at least 6 inches is important to consider. Also, burying the wire in areas that won’t cause any damage or result in problems in the near future is another important aspect. So, experts always avoid burying wires in the areas where they can be easily exposed. They ensure wires are not put along the edges of garden or driveways and walkways. If they don’t have any other option than placing these wires in potentially hazardous areas, then these experts use protective conduits. Hiring lighting specialists is a must as they are trained to handle running wires. They know how to avoid damage and minimize future issues. They are also aware of the best and safest ways to get the wiring from the transformers.  

STEP 2: Using Quality Fixtures

There are various landscape lighting available in the market that you can use in your lawn and illuminate it well. Different fixtures are available that you can use for differing applications. For instance, in-ground lights like well lights are designed in a way that they can be fixed in the ground. If you get high-quality lighting, then these cannot be easily damaged by lawnmowers. Even if you perform routine lawn maintenance, high-quality lighting is not affected at all.  

Apart from this, path lighting is another popular choice that illuminates the pathway and surrounding areas. Walkway lights are also used for safety purposes. While doing lawn care, path lights will not be affected as they are present on the lawn’s perimeter.

Another popular landscape lighting is LED spotlights. This special lighting is usually placed close to trees. When you choose professionals to install spotlights, they place them carefully so that you don’t have to face problems.

STEP 3: Lighting Placement

The placement of lawn lights is important not only from an illumination perspective but also from a lawn maintenance point-of-view. These lighting should be visible; otherwise, they can be ruined by a lawnmower. If you hire lawn maintenance professionals to maintain your lawn, inform them about the location of lighting fixtures. Otherwise, they could run over these lights. 


So, it can be said that landscape lighting doesn’t affect your lawn negatively. All you need to do is – hire a professional lighting installation service provider. Make sure they have knowledge and experience in handling lighting systems in a lawn. Tell them to use low voltage landscape lighting as they are safe and straightforward to install. DIY lighting installation is not a great thought. 

Illuminated Gardens is one of the reputable outdoor lighting specialists that makes you free from worries of outdoor lighting installation, replacement, and maintenance. We have a well-trained landscape lighting team. We have helped several clients in designing and installation of their lawn lights. We also provide suitable lighting suggestions to our clients. We recommend them outdoor lighting that fits well into their budget. 

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What Can Cause Premature Failure Of LED Lighting Fixtures?

LED lighting has proved itself the most resilient and long-lasting in terms of structure and light life. Apart from having an excellent lifespan, these lights are renowned for saving energy and providing soft light color. These lights are considered perfect for outdoors; that’s why experts suggest choosing the best low voltage landscape lighting Northville that is LED-based. Using LED lighting doesn’t mean that they will never fail. Many homeowners have complained that their LED lights suddenly stop working, leaving their homes in the dark. This is known as premature LED failure. There could be several potential reasons to it, but if there is a manufacturing defect in LED bulbs, they could go out early. 

Apart from manufacturing defects, a high LED failure rate occurs for several reasons but can often be characterized by certain factors. Given below are some reasons why LED lighting fails.

Temperature Fluctuations: One of the biggest reasons for LED light failure before its rated lifespan could be the temperature of its surroundings. If the temperature around it gets too hot and there is a lack of a proper heat sink, it can cause the LED lamps to overheat, which will later fail. For instance, if you are using an LED light that should not be used in an enclosed fixture like in recessed lighting or downlight, it will definitely stop working soon.

Moreover, LEDs have been rated to work at low temperatures. Going lower than what is acclaimed can also have a negative impact on LEDs. That’s why always read the specifications to ensure whether or not LED lighting should be used in an enclosed fixture. Also, educate yourself with the maximum and minimum operating temperatures to ensure that it is the right fit for your landscape.

Structural Issues: Any issues with the structure of the LED lamp, whether it is the LED bulbs, or the light, or the way they are connected. These could be the potential reasons for structural failure. For example, if the LED you are buying is not made of the highest caliber, it could put you in a big problem. If you choose high-quality and expensive LED lamps, they will consist of higher-grade LEDs that offer excellent lighting quality and efficacy.

We cannot deny that if suitable quality materials are used in your LED lamp, then the chances are less that you face issues with the process required for the LEDs to illuminate. The most common structural issue you could meet with the LED is the electrical flow running both ways through the LED rather than just one way required for the p-n junction between the semiconductor materials.

If we talk about the lamp itself, epoxy is used in its construction. Sometimes, this epoxy starts turning into yellow color when heated, which can begin absorbing some light that is being produced. This lowers the lamp’s efficiency, and the epoxy can also absorb moisture from the surrounding, transferring it to LED, further creating significant issues. 

Use of Poor Quality Materials: LEDs comprise several components, and each one of these components needs to work together. The type of lens to the heat sink, power supplies that generate lighting, and the chips, all these components are carefully built to function correctly and offer good lighting output.

The quality of lighting materials matters a lot; if your landscape lighting lacks them, failure is likely. Driver plays a significant role in lighting. If poor-quality components are used in driver construction, then LED would definitely fail. If the driver is incorrect, then the driver’s heat may not be correctly dissipated and fail. That’s the reason of LEDs flash or flicker. It is an early sign of driver failure.

Inadequate Lamp Testing: Even if you choose the best low voltage landscape lighting Northville that is LED-based and has not been thoroughly tested before shipping, then the chances of failure are high. Every lighting manufacturer places LED lamps and fixtures in a testing room for up to 10 days and tests them by repeatedly turning them on and off. Experts believe that LEDs are similar to solid-state electronic devices like TVs or other consumer electronics. They tend to fail early if they are going to fail at all. If they are appropriately tested, manufacturers can catch failures before these LEDs are shipped.

How Should You Avoid Premature Lighting Failure?

Choose a reputable outdoor lighting company to avoid lighting failures. They are experts in choosing the best quality products based on your outdoors as well your specific requirements. They know the best lighting brands with the highest quality manufacturing and falling within your budget.

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Understanding The Applications Of Low Voltage Walkway Lights

When it comes to improving your garden or outdoors, the very first thing that you should consider is illuminating the pathway that connects your entrance to the main door. Getting beautiful tiles on the entrance pathway, choosing great design patterns on the floor, and adding a mix and match of rocks & grass can definitely make a great entrance. But this whole artwork will be rarely visible at night if you don’t have proper lighting arrangement. That’s why you must first consider adding low voltage walkway lights around or on the edges of your walkway. It is essential for enhancing the overall look of your outdoors as well as avoiding people from tripping in the dark while walking on the aisle.

Walkways are the common feature of any outdoor space. You can experiment with so many lighting types to have an interesting design and enhance the beauty of your landscape. You can completely trust Illuminated Gardens as your lighting partner. We offer the designing and installation of the best low voltage landscape lighting in Northville

In this blog, we have discussed some interesting applications of low voltage walkway lights.

·         Garden Path Lights Perk Up Your Entrance Appeal: Walking through a beautiful garden in the night and enjoying its absolute beauty comprising of flowers, trees, and sculptures, there is nothing better than this. If your garden has so many decorative elements like a pool/pond, huge trees, and other unique things, it would be great if you could enjoy their beauty even after the sunset. Path lights are a wonderful option to enlighten your walkway and guide your guests to the main door. This lighting type will also give a slight illumination to the architecture and the other important elements of your house. These will create a stunning effect while increasing the appeal of your landscape.

·         Garden Path Lights Let You Get More Out Of Them: Proper landscape lighting including path lights will allow you to use your outdoor as a functional living space for increased hours. Adding outdoor lighting will be more like creating additional space in your home. When you will have a well-lit garden, you will find a space to relax in the evening. You can add garden chairs, plan a bonfire and dim or control the levels of lighting to set a particular mood for a small party.

·         Garden Path Lights Will Highlight Your Landscaping: If you have spent a lot of money on your landscaping and you are proud of it, let others also admire its beauty. Highlight the walkway with some great low voltage walkway lighting that has perfect illumination. This lighting is enough to enhance the overall look of your landscape as it slightly highlights other elements of your garden.  Adding them into your existing lighting design is pretty easy and it doesn’t look like an afterthought.

·         Garden Path Lights Are Essential For Safety: Adding garden path lights in your front or back yard increase the overall security of your home. These lighting systems will increase visibility which means your family or guests won’t be at the risk of trips or falls, which could result in bruising or even fractures in the worst-case scenario. Such things could happen frequently if you have steps, decorative style paths, or rock walkway as it would get hard to navigate when the sun goes down. Moreover, additional outdoor lighting will also deter intruders as the chances of getting caught by someone or in a CCTV camera are high in a well-lit area. Security is something we all want for our homes, and installing path lights will help in increasing the same.

·         Garden Path Lights Enhance Your Property Value: Apart from all the benefits listed above, pathway lights not only increases the appeal of your house but also raise the resale value, adding to your investment for your home. Beautifying your outdoors has never been so easy and cost-effective. Adding landscape lighting is a straightforward action to do that.

Have A Little Fun By Designing Your Lights

Illuminated Gardens is an outdoor lighting specialist. We have a team of lighting intellectuals who has deep knowledge of a range of outdoor lighting, their materials, and designing & installation. We can help you decide the appropriate lighting design for your garden or backyard to suit whatever aesthetic you are aiming for.  We know the lighting types, color tones and materials should be selected for a particular type of landscape.  

Outdoor lighting is essential for your paths, steps, driveways, lawns, and gardens. Most of the lighting fixtures available for outdoors can be easily customized to suit any requirement. If we particularly talk about walkway lighting, you may find a huge variety in it such as wall-mounted versions of path lighting, Flute garden light, and many more.

If you choose ground lights, these lighting will come with pivot are that can be customized and whose length can be adjusted according to the walls, paths, posts, and barbeques. These lights have low voltage LED bulbs that offer a narrow beam that is ideal when you need long reach lighting. We suggest our customers choose LED-based outdoor lights because of their long-lasting nature and ease of use, installation, and replacement.