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Lighting up your outdoors to reflect its true beauty has never been easier with Illuminated Gardens’ award-winning low voltage lighting and landscape lighting services.

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Hire Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Specialist in South Lyon, Ann Arbor, Canton & Plymouth, Mi USA

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting – the perfect way to beautify your home in a secure and safe way!

Unique perspective
With more than 15 years of experience and a couple of patents, we have made quite a name for ourselves in the lighting industry. We know just what your house needs when it comes to outdoor lighting – at the best costs!

Our team of experts will craft a landscape lighting system that suits you and your priorities in the best of ways and delivers a spectacular performance that will leave you dazzled.

Illuminated Gardens boasts of an impressive range of services that go with every budget. We specialize in the design and installation of durable and energy-efficient low voltage LED landscape lighting systems for all applications: Front yard, Backyard, pool, entryway, etc.

We create low voltage outdoor lighting systems that offer value for money!

Anyone can make lighting systems. We make your imagination a reality.

Every project of ours begins with you. We lay out and discuss what you want in your landscape lighting design and how we can make it happen within your budget.

We bring to the table an exceptional team of experts with knowledge, know-how and the tools that will make your imagination a beautiful reality.

With our expertise and your guidance, your perfect outdoors is simply a step away. LED outdoor lighting, low voltage path lights, outdoor landscape lighting – you name it!


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Landscape Lighitng Designer
Sunil Dalal

Sunil Dalal

Installation Manager
Joe Swider

Joe Swider

Lead Landscape Installer



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