Kichler Low Voltage Lighting For Your House

Kichler Low Voltage Lighting For Your House

As the summer arrives and the wind starts blowing, people like to spend their evenings outside, either in the garden or backyard. Updating your exterior with Kichler low voltage led landscape lighting will make those summer nights last longer. Creative lighting design ideas will definitely have a positive impact on the look and feel of your home’s exterior. You can illuminate your walkways, and get LED lights on the steps to keep you and your guests safe.

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Get some ideas and inspiration from lighting professionals. They will help you plan your outdoor in a fantastic way. Outdoor lighting not only promotes safety but also dramatically enhances your outdoor space. Here are some popular outdoor lighting options that will light up the front of your house.

Pathway Lights: A pathway is the first thing that your guest sees while entering your front yard.  It draws them inside. Installing pathway lights lower to the ground and illuminating the front yard will be a great welcome. All available path lights are designed to look good. Their beauty emerges only when you install them in a smart way considering the lighting patterns. You can choose low voltage LED lights and install them on the edges of the wooden or rocky boardwalk. This arrangement of light will help your guests walk safely at night.

Lighting Under the Steps: Rather than using light posts, you can choose steps lighting. These lights don’t shine broadly in all directions. Choose low voltage lighting as it will help you walk your guests to the front door. Though it is a simple idea yet it is impactful. It will brighten your walkway in a perfect way and add elegance to your outdoor area. There are two ways in which you can place your lighting. First, on the vertical part of the steps and second on the sides of the steps that light up the surface of each step. For better illumination, choose linear LED strips. Adding them under stairs will push light down onto the stair surface and keep the focus at the right place.

Outdoor Wall Sconces: Those who have a wide front door area, they can opt for wall sconces. Adding outdoor wall sconces is a great way to light up your entrance.  Apart from serving as a great lighting source, will make your outdoor look amazing. Complement your space well with a pair of wall sconces at both sides of the front door. You may find sconce in different styles and sizes. So, explore and pick one that goes well with your purpose.

Pendant Lights: Just like sconces, pendant lights above the entrance door is a good deal. Avoid bare bulbs or make use of low-wattage bulbs and dimmers. You cannot completely rely on sconces and pendants as your main usable light. Clear glass fixtures might affect your vision and make it even harder to see in the dark. Always prefer translucent glass in fixtures such as amber mica or milk glass. A protected light fixture will also work, particularly if it directs light downward.

Spotlights: Spotlights and security lights affect the sight if it falls in the eyes. Though the concept is good for catching burglars but not for the homeowners and their guests. Rather, you can keep the focus of these lights on your home’s architectural features. These include brickwork, molding, and trees. Keep the light direction in such a way that it will make you feel secure. Furthermore, it won’t make your guests feel unwelcome.

Downlights: If you are planning to install standard interior downlights, then they are not a good choice for the outdoors. These lights have a wide distribution that increases glare. Instead, use recessed downlights with the bulb. You can also choose a light source concealed in the ceiling. You can add dimmers as they allow enough light to the porch.

For a unique and noticeable front yard, you must incorporate some tips into your landscape low voltage lighting ideas:

  • · Always use a mixture of lights. Rather than using the same type of light throughout, you must choose a light mixture. Combine an assortment of outdoor lights such as path lights, deck lights, well lights, and more.
  • · Always experiment with styles and textures. Make your landscape lighting look exciting and beautiful through mix and match. Try out shape contrasts, different styles of lights, and metal finishes. 
  • · Make your yard feel bigger and livelier using blue- or white-toned bulbs. Add them into your spotlights, floodlights, and well lights. You can also try mix and match of color pops of yellow- or orange-toned lights. 
  • · Illuminate your favorite outdoor architectural features such as statues, trees, and water features.

For more information on outdoor lighting and designs, consult Illuminate Gardens. We have experienced lighting specialists who can guide you in making the right lighting choices.