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Top Outdoor Lighting On House Trends in 2021

This year was a sigh of relief for the outdoor lighting industry as the economy opened up post-coronavirus. Since people spent most of their time indoors in the last year and early on this year, attitudes towards outdoor lighting have changed. People have started paying attention to their garden and its lighting needs. As a result, trends like staircase lighting, tabletop lighting, stylish scones were on a rise. Undoubtedly, outdoor lighting on a house is one of the most sought-after upgrades in a house by homeowners. Now, since the year is coming to an end, it’s time for a rewindddd! Let us take a look at the top outdoor lighting on house trends that dominated 2021. These trends are also important as they give a slight hint of what 2022 holds in the bag for outdoor lighting on house. They also help in understanding customer behaviors.

This article gives a brief overview of some of the top outdoor lighting on house trends this year.

Staircase Lighting

The staircase is one of the key architectural features of a house as it allows you to access higher levels. So, lighting a staircase is important not only for decor but for safety purposes. If a staircase is not well lit, people can trip over leading to long medical bills and lawsuits. There are many ways to illuminate a staircase for one, you can use the wall recessed stair lights. In the case of an open riser staircase, LED strips can be put beneath each tread as shown in the image below. The strip is generally not visible and creates a nice floating effect. Also, instead of putting the LED beneath the treads, people also put it on each side of the staircase. This gives a more futuristic effect especially if RGB LED strips are used. 

top outdoor lighting on house trends staircase lighting

Another way to light the staircase that people prefer is to use an upright. This makes the staircase look more dramatic and improves the texture. Sometimes, decorators also tend to get creative and use a pendant in the center which drops down from top between the treads. The end result is a unique effect that cannot be put into words. The amount of options available for staircase lighting is one of the reasons why it features among the top outdoor lighting on house trends in 2021.

Outdoor Solar Lighting

The world is gradually moving towards sustainable options in every aspect of life. As a part of this move, outdoor solar lighting is becoming more and more popular in the United States and worldwide. One of the prime benefits of using outdoor solar lighting is that it requires low maintenance (maybe once or twice a year). Initially, the installation may cost you but the cost is recovered in the long run. In some countries, the governments even subsidize these lighting options to promote solar energy. Some of the popular solar lighting options this ear were:

  • Floodlights powered by solar energy.
  • Solar Path Lighting.
  • Lighting deck using solar lights.
  • Solar String Lights.
  • Solar Spot Lights.
  • Driveway and pathway solar lighting.
  • Solar Step Lights.
  • and many more …

Not just outdoors, solar lighting has made its way to indoor as well as public lighting options. Hence, it is clear that solar lighting has made it amongst the top outdoor lighting on house trends this year because it has provided an alternative for almost every type of lighting option.

High-Level Lighting

Pre-strung lights are likewise a developing pattern you will see in many scenes. The vast majority prefer utilizing them as they are not difficult to utilize and have a quick impact. If you like a retro look, vintage lights with customary fiber bulbs make an astonishing scene lighting view. They make significant level lighting and give a warm, particular glow. Pre-strung lights are directly on the 2021 pattern since they make a shrewd choice for some mortgage holders. You can pick between the battery-worked and solar pre-strung lights. That implies there is no compelling reason to connect them. The lights are ideally suited for enlightening the upper bits of the space. You can likewise pick outside pendant lights that work perfectly at corners or over sectionals of the yards. They accompany a special retro character, multifaceted metalwork, and a feeling of workmanship to summon the vibe.

Smart Security Outdoor Lighting

This type of outdoor lighting option is a perfect example of the fact that outdoor lighting can also serve a utilitarian purpose. This type of lighting contains motion sensors. These are activated when a movement is detected and as a result, the lights are turned on instantly. This can prove to be a deterrent for trespassers and people trying to break into your house. This option is also energy efficient as the lights are turned on only when needed. The popular options available in this type of lighting are:

  • Smart Bulbs.
  • Sconces.
  • Path Lights.
  • Spotlights.

Smart outdoor lighting options can be controlled by you through an app on your mobile. Using it you can adjust the intensity and even the color of lights. However, one thing you need to keep in mind before going for such an option is the medium it communicates through. For example, if the light requires wifi to work, you might need a router nearby. Smart outdoor lighting has for the first time made it to amongst the top outdoor lighting on house trends this year. So, this is definitely the option of the future and we may see a rise in this in the coming years.

Deck Lighting

Somewhere around may this year, a shortage of lumber led the price of building a deck sky high. As a result, some people opted for other options and some fake alternatives appeared. However, the craze of deck lighting continued throughout. The deck is a key social element of the home architecture where you can hang out with your friends and socialize. Thus, by illuminating the deck correctly, you can not only make your house look like a resort but also utilize it fully. Some of the popular deck lighting trends this year were:

  • Deck Stair Lights: Apart from aesthetics, it also adds to the safety of the deck. A popular option is to use LED strips for it.
  • Under Table Lighting: This type of lighting allows you to see the deck clearly while working on it (i.e. grilling, cooking, etc).
  • Recessed Deck Lighting: Homeowners whose decks have overhead protection go for this option. Also, the elements of this type of lighting require minimal cleaning.
  • Under Rail Deck Lighting: It makes your deck look pretty by giving it a soft glow. Generally, Solar lighting or LED strips are used for this purpose.
  • Spotlights Over Deck: Homeowners that often use their deck for outdoor dinners opt for this option.

An outdoor deck is a central structure in a house to socialize and because of this, deck lighting features amongst the top outdoor lighting on house trends year after year.

top outdoor lighting on house trends deck lights
An Example of Spotlight Over Deck


There have been some new addition to the top outdoor lighting on house trends this year while some have maintained their position. To conclude, we can say that each type of outdoor lighting has its pros and cons. So, all you need to do is to find the suitable one for your house. For an average homeowner, this process can be confusing and tedious at first. Moreover, the process of installation requires special attention. To avoid such hassles, we recommend taking the help of professionals like illuminated gardens. These experts will not only help you in choosing the outdoor lighting of your choice but will also make the whole installation process hassle-free. So, why wait when you can get outdoor lighting for your house today itself. Contact illuminated gardens now!