5 Easy Maintenance Hacks for Outdoor Lighting in Your Home

5 Easy Maintenance Hacks for Outdoor Lighting in Your Home

Outdoor lighting can transform your home’s beauty and warmth, adding brightness and verve that would be impossible without it. Residential garden lightingcan serve multiple purposes for your home. First, it can beautify the outdoors and make it safer at the same time. Second, it can create a warm, inviting area for you and your family and friends to enjoy and celebrate together. These lighting solutions are truly multi-tasking additions to your simple homes. But how can you handle the maintenance of these lights so they can continue to deliver these benefits? These five simple hacks will help you ensure an easy maintenance process for all your outdoor lighting solutions.

Maintenance Tips and Tricks for your Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Outdoor lighting equipment and fixtures can undergo damage due to several reasons. Frequent exposure to the forces of nature, possible overgrowth of natural vegetation, and risks of animal attacks can affect the look and performance of your outdoor lights. These tips will help you manage your maintenance woes in the simplest possible ways.

  1. Regularly Wipe Internal Reflectors and Lighting Lenses: These reflectors and lenses may turn grimy due to the continuous deposition of dirt, debris, and more. Regularly wiping them can help you preserve the brightness of your lights. You can take a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe over these surfaces to get bright and shining lenses.
  2. Cut and Prune Natural Overgrowth: Sometimes, your garden foliage may grow around your lighting fixtures, blocking the light and dimming their beauty. You should conduct a quarterly maintenance check and use gardening tools like secateurs and gardening knives to clear the overgrowth.
  3. Check Fixture Positioning: Kids or pets may jostle fixtures and displace them from their original positions. These displacements can affect the effectiveness of your lighting in illuminating focal areas. Therefore, it is imperative to have routine checks to reverse these displacements.
  4. Setting Timers: Low voltage lighting solutions are easy on your pocket as they consume very little electricity. When you have this excellent feature, you may become a little neglectful about switching your lights off on time. While this will not add heavily to your utility bill, it can speed up the depreciation of these lights. You can avoid these problems by automatically setting timers to switch off the lights using your smart home devices. This strategy will help you minimize the wear and tear on these lights.
  5. Keep an eye out for Serious Damages: How do you know when it is time to phone the experts to maintain your outdoor lights. Some signs can help you identify when it is time to call professionals. You should call your installation company for help if you find some lights are broken or cracked. Similarly, exposed wires are a major cause of concern. If the bulbs look dim despite regular maintenance, you can also call professionals to change the lights. Top outdoor lighting firms provide maintenance services to help you remedy such situations.

These maintenance tips can help you extend the utility and life of your lights. However, if you need more help with exterior lighting in Northville Mi or other parts of Michigan, you should contact Illuminated Gardens today!