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Benefits of Outdoor Lighting on House

There is a debate among homeowners whether outdoor lighting is beneficial or not. Some people claim it to be a waste of money and resources. While some raise doubts regarding its need for a house. However, in reality, the benefits of outdoor lighting far exceed its costs. Irrespective of the size of the house or the location, the benefits of outdoor lighting on house are numerous. It plays a crucial role in all aspects i.e. economically, aesthetically, etc. If not for aesthetics then for security at least you should consider illuminating your garden. This article aims to debunk all claims against outdoor lighting and explain the benefits of outdoor lighting on houses. This article also explains the types of outdoor lighting and how you can maximize the benefits of outdoor lighting on house.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

Today there is a variety of lighting options available in the market. Describing each one of them is beyond the scope of this article. So, here we will try to cover some popular options available for outdoor lighting in the market today.

Landscape Lights

This kind of lighting covers a wide variety of regions ranging from public to private spaces. For example, elements of landscape lighting like lanterns and sconces can be used in both greenery and pillars of a house. It also helps deter intruders and trespassers.


As the name suggests, these lights offer a direct focus on the object. This is accomplished by emitting a narrow beam of light. They are used to light doors, fixtures, signage, etc.

Motion Sensor Lights

This kind of lighting is typically used where you wish to save energy. As the name suggests, they are only turned on when some movement takes place. Therefore, they can also be used to stop trespassers and intruders.

Dusk to Dawn Lights

These types of lighting turn on automatically when it’s dark and turn off during the day thus saving energy. These are typically placed around the garden on driveways.

Flood Lights

These types of lights spread over a wide area and are therefore used to cover dark corners. Mostly, they are implemented in parking lots or stadiums and are power consumption due to their nature.

Solar Lights

These kinds of lighting options are on a rise in the past few years. This is because there is no hidden maintenance cost and they will only need service once a few years. Otherwise, they are cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Halogen Lights

This type of lighting uses halogen lights which is a kind of incandescent light. In comparison to regular incandescent lights, they have a slightly better life and efficacy but they lag behind when it comes to LED lights.

LED Lights

These are one of the most efficient lighting options in the market today. Although the cost is a bit higher, however, the long life that these lights have makes up for it.

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Benefits of Outdoor Lighting on House

Here it is worth mentioning that outdoor lighting is no magic key to all the issues regarding the aesthetics of a house. It is only effective when implemented carefully in a proper manner.

  • It provides security by lighting the dark corners of the house like the stairs, pathways, etc. This not only makes it easy to navigate around the house but also prevents intruders and trespassers. Some recent studies show that outdoor lighting does help in fighting crime.
  • Outdoor lighting on house makes the house look more welcoming for the guests. When the guests will be greeted with those well-placed lighting fixtures, it is bound to leave them impressed!
  • If done correctly, it also highlights the architectural features of the house. For example, outdoor lighting can ensure that statues, water fountains are in their full glory at night too!
  • One of the benefits of outdoor lighting on a house is also that it creates a socializing environment. This essentially means that people can come and bond over social events like parties, barbeques outdoor at night too.
  • It also makes the house look pleasant at night. With the right type of outdoor lighting, even your favorite trees and plants can shine at night too!
  • Whatever you invest in outdoor lighting, it can provide the return by increasing the curb value of your house.benefits of outdoor lighting on house

Maximize Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

It is important to keep a balance between the utility and aesthetics of your outdoor lighting. This will maximize the benefits of outdoor lighting. To identify places of utility for outdoor lighting purposes, take a torch and walk around in your garden at night. Take the patch that you generally take and identify the dark corners that you need to light up. Placement of light is also important as installing a direct light at certain places can put glare directly into people’s eyes. To avoid that you can use ambient light. Or for example, in the case of walkways, you can light only the treads.

Another important thing is to select the right type of lighting for your house. The question here is whether your outdoor lighting matches the indoor lighting or should the two be connected?. Or do you wish to go with a minimalistic style?. The answer to them has to be planned by you in consultation with experts. As it has a huge potential to maximize the benefits of your outdoor lighting. Also, it is necessary to ensure that all the outdoor lighting is wet rated.


Finally, we can say that outdoor lighting plays a crucial role and should be considered an essential part of a house. The benefits of outdoor lighting on house are spread across a wide spectrum ranging from security to aesthetics. However, the catch here is that they should be implemented properly. Sometimes, you may run out of tips for outdoor lighting on the house before you even start the work. This is because an average homeowner is no expert in outdoor lighting. To avoid all such unpleasant scenarios we recommend hiring lighting experts like illuminated gardens. The experts here will take care of all your needs and provide a wide variety of services ranging from maintenance to Halogen to LED conversion. So, why wait when you can contact illuminated gardens now!