Benefits of Outdoor Lighting Landscape

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting Landscape

Many may dream of a home illuminated with twinkling lights, but this may not be a reality for some. If you dream of brightening up your front or backyard, then your dream can become a reality with Illuminated Gardens helping and guiding you in adding that final touch through outdoor lighting landscape.

Outdoor Lighting

Cost-effective solutions such as outdoor lighting allow you to invest in the right places and bring out the best of your yard without exhausting your finances. In simple terms, outdoor lighting refers to illuminating private and public outdoor places using different lighting patterns for the beautification of nighttime and safety purposes.

Without outdoor lighting, your home is a dark shadow. No matter how beautiful your brightly painted walls or the exterior carvings of your home may look during the day, these sights are invisible when the sunsets. Outdoor lighting can bring your home back to life at night, accentuating every detail. Adding a lighting system to your garden will blur the line between reality and fairy tales. Outdoor lighting adds curb appeal to your home.

outdoor lighting landscape

Types of Outdoor Lighting Landscape System

When referring to “lighting,” we are not talking about halogen, LED, or CFL lights normally used for lighting different rooms. “Lighting” refers to lighting systems or lighting patterns that are used for illuminating outdoor places mainly for beautification. 

With hundreds of options for lighting patterns, consulting a professional dealer will help you choose the best outdoor lighting system for your home. However, some of the most popular options available are listed below. 

Deck Lighting

Deck Lighting is a specific type of lighting that is mainly used for illuminating decks, railings, stairs, floors, and walls. Lights are installed individually in different patterns depending on the framework of the exterior of your home. These types of lighting systems are currently in high demand in urban areas and come in a wide range of varieties and prices. 

The best thing about these lights is that they are energy-efficient and can help you save on your electricity bills. If you want an alternative for electric lights, you have solar-powered deck lights. They automatically collect solar energy during the day and illuminate your home at night. This is an ideal option to maximize your savings. 

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a broader term than deck lighting. It involves a wide variety of lighting systems including illumination of gardens, backyard & front yard, pool & patio lighting, etc. If you have different architectural features in your backyard or front yard, but you don’t add landscape lighting, you miss out on showing off your beautiful designs at night.

Landscape lighting mainly involves three types of lighting: accent lights, patio lights, and path lights. All three have different characteristics, but all are equally effective, impressive, and attractive. 

  • Accent Lights- These types of lights are placed facing upward on the ground and throw the lights on the item you want to illuminate. 
  • Patio Lights- As the name suggests, patio lights are used for illuminating patio spaces. 
  • Path lights- Path lights are used to illuminate paths within a home or garden. 

Specialty Lighting:

Specialty lights or lighting systems are particularly designed to illuminate landscapes, pathways, and other outdoor spaces and are quite similar to landscape lighting. Mainly, this type of lighting involves hardscape lighting, statue lighting, and water feature lighting. 


These are some of the most effective types of lighting systems to ensure your home has curb appeal. You can choose any out of these depending on your preferences and home’s requirements for outdoor lighting landscape. For more details, Contact experts in South Lyon!