Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting for Your Garden

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting for Your Garden

Decorating your yard doesn’t end with adding a garden or building a patio. Lighting and illumination bring an extra dimension to your home that you can show off during the night. Moreover, landscape lighting gives you an opportunity to highlight unique architectural features including trees, pools, statues, stairs, or walkways. Proper outdoor lighting brings an excellent ambiance and gives you a personal space to entertain or relax. Take it one step further and illuminate your well-designed outdoor landscaping with Low voltage lighting installation.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low voltage landscape lighting is the most popular option for residential outdoor lighting. It enhances the beauty and security of your home while being both affordable and easy to install. The set-up is simple and involves only a few steps that any homeowner can easily handle. There also isn’t a need to install risky wiring that would add to the threat of shock or injury. Low voltage landscape lighting offers a larger variety of fixtures, wattages, bulbs, and designs than any other type of residential lighting. Also, for most residential applications, 12V landscape lighting is the preferred option to power all light fixtures. 

low voltage outdoor lighting

Why You Should Choose Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

There are several reasons why you should choose a low voltage light system. 

These include, but are not limited to:

  •  A safer option for wet locations
  •  Safe and easy installation
  •  An affordable option
  • A safe option for children and pets 
  • Don’t require cables in conduit
  • Include multiple options in lighting fixtures and bulbs
  • Easy relocation of fixtures during landscape renovations
  • More elegant design options available

Types of Low Voltage Landscape Lights

Path Lights:

Enhance the safety, security, and beauty of your walkways, patios, gardens, and other spaces with 12V pathway lights. These lights deliver the right amount and quality of illumination. As their name suggests, path lights are ideal for paths around your home. You can place them along the side of a walkway, or in an artistic manner with a staggered or zig-zag pattern.

Well Lights:

These lights are ideal for up-lighting trees, pillars, and architectural features when you don’t want above-ground fixtures. In-ground well lights come with a puddle and weather-resistant features, with some of these lights being fully-submersible.

Flood Lights:

These illuminate walls, tree canopies, and signs using wide-spread lighting. These lights are ideal for maintaining safety and security for yards. They can also be used for landscape lighting systems like wall washing and grazing.


These have been specifically designed for downlighting & moonlighting applications. Both these lighting techniques are impressive, easy to install, durable and UL Listed. Downlights are available in both integrated LED and lamp-ready versions. 

Deck Lights:

These are compact, durable backyard lights that are designed for downlighting on decks, railings, posts, docks, and patios. They are constructed of solid brass that can withstand the harsh weather elements. Moreover, they are available in low-profile and decorative varieties to suit all kinds of design needs.

Step Lights:

Step lights are solid brass constructions that are designed to withstand the elements. These lights can make your outdoor spaces more beautiful and usable, whether it is on staircases, patios, steps, or retaining walls. These come with pre-stripped lead wires and are mount-ready with no drilling required.

Hardscape Lights:

High quality, low profile hardscape lights are ideal for tight spaces. Also, these come with flexible mounting options that offer endless possibilities for mounting under benches, overhangs, railings, and more.

Underwater Lights:

Underwater LED lights are known for their strong construction and beautiful design. These fixtures are ideal for lighting up your fountain, pond, or any other water feature.

Bollard Lights:

Bollard lights use lights and shadows to cleverly enhance existing property features. These tower-like illuminated structures look beautiful during the day while projecting gorgeous lighting patterns and shadows onto their surroundings through the night.


Simply put, low voltage outdoor lighting is a safe and reliable option to illuminate your home at night without emptying your savings. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill rising much because low voltage outdoor lighting acts as an efficient and reliable energy solution. Don’t forget to check these out as an option to add to your already gorgeous home!