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Benefits Of Choosing Outdoor Lighting For Your Home

There are a few people who actually understand the significance of lighting. It is the most crucial design element that helps in creating and changing moods in a space. Lighting placement and its type are important aspects of designing and they work in association with color selection, availability of natural light, and furniture places. When it comes to designing our own home, we put lots of time, effort, and energy.  But do we make similar efforts in illuminating our outdoors? Outdoors? Who does care about it? And why do you even need to think about your outdoors? Let’s find out the potential reasons why one should care about the outdoors.

If you have a huge outdoor area and a beautiful lawn filled with colorful flower beds, huge trees, and many plants, mowing the lawn and trimming the bushes is not the only way you can improve the look of your outdoors. Strategically placed outdoor lights can make your green enhancements visible when the sunsets. Also, it can augment the nighttime beauty of your home. Outdoor lighting not only highlights the distinct features of your property but also increases its security to deter trespassing. There are so many lighting contractors Plymouth MI that offer a variety in outdoor lighting. These include:

Deck Lighting: Installing deck lights is a great way to add pleasant glow at the sitting areas, highlighting different deck features and making it livelier. You can play with lights and create different visual imagery. You can change your deck lights according to the occasion and light it up in different ways. Apart from playing with lights, you can increase the aesthetic appeal of your property. Also, properly lighted outdoors decreases the chances of tripping or falling.

Landscape Lighting: Low voltage landscape lighting is the best way to beautify your outdoor and highlight the architectural features of your house. With low voltage outdoor lights, you can keep your outdoors illuminating the whole night without worrying much about the energy bills. Apart from beauty, you can enhance the security and functionality of your home after sunset with low voltage LED outdoor lights. These have been designed to withstand strong against the harshest weather conditions. Some of the commonly available low voltage landscape lightings are:

  • Accent lighting for Front yard
  • Backyard lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Deck lighting
  • Patio lighting
  •  Pool lighting

Hardscape lighting: Enlighten walls, decks, pavers, steps, and other parts of your outdoor landscape, make them alive by choosing the hardscape lighting. These lights provide enough light to make space functional even at night. From patios to driveways and decks to walkways, professional lighting design and installation can let you create a much better lighting scheme. With proper lighting, you can use your backyard living spaces even after the sunset. There are limitless opportunities when you add custom hardscape lighting into the mix. You can also make your home safer and secure, no matter what time of day. You can enlighten any obstacle, highlight steps and statues, and rock features with these lights. You can also build a well-lit patio, fountain, or driveway. Overhead lighting and wall sconces are a great way to enhance the mood and the entire outdoor space.

Water Feature Lighting: Water lights or pond lights are not only for decoration purposes. They can also serve several purposes in your backyard. When the sunlight gets down and it is dark everywhere, you can still make your pool, water statue, or pond a focal point. And you should also do so because you have spent lots of time and money in creating your dream water garden and you would definitely wish to show it off all the time of day.

To make it possible, there are floating pond lights and underwater lights available, especially to enlighten your ponds or pools. You can add color patterns and light in your backyard and make it look attractive by using water feature lighting.

Benefits You Must Know About Outdoor Lighting

Improved Beauty & Enhanced Curb Appeal: People invest in outdoor lighting to enhance the beauty and curb appeal of their outdoors. Getting professionally installed lights is a great way to make your home look aesthetically pleasing. If your house really has some excellent outdoor features that everyone should appreciate, then landscape lighting is an ideal way to highlight its architectural features. Make the best use of colors, patterns, and lighting types so that your property looks more graceful.

Better Home Security & Safety: The idea behind installing landscape lights is just to enhance the outdoor beauty of your home. But soon we realize the importance of landscape lighting in the security of our home. If you properly install lighting at every dark corner of your outdoors, you can simply discourage undesirable intruders or deter trespassers.

Outdoor lights also contribute to in-home safety as properly illuminated paths, steps, and stairs will reduce the chances of tripping or falling.

Make The Best Use of Your Outdoor Living Spaces: Many homeowners enjoy spending time at their deck or patio, late-night swims in their pool or barbeque parties. If you also want to make the best use of your outdoor living space even after sunset, outdoor lighting is a must. You can have better access to your outdoors and have uninterrupted fun.

Have Fun Throughout The Year: No matter what season it is, the lighting element will remain constant. You can change illumination effects with the changing mood and seasons. The light will shine up beautifully onto the fresh snowfall during the winter. This experience will absolutely be different when everything is just blooming in the spring.

Outdoor Lighting Adds Curb Appeal to Your Home

Many may dream of a home illuminated with twinkling lights, but this may not be a reality for some. If you dream of brightening up your front or backyard, then your dream can become a reality with Illuminated Gardens helping and guiding you in adding that final touch.

Outdoor Lighting

Cost-effective solutions such as outdoor lighting allow you to invest in the right places and bring out the best of your yard without exhausting your finances. In simple terms, outdoor lighting refers to illuminating private and public outdoor places using different lighting patterns for the beautification of nighttime and safety purposes.

Without outdoor lighting, your home is a dark shadow. No matter how beautiful your brightly painted walls or the exterior carvings of your home may look during the day, these sights are invisible when the sunsets. Outdoor lighting can bring your home back to life at night, accentuating every detail. Adding a lighting system to your garden will blur the line between reality and fairy tales. Outdoor lighting adds curb appeal to your home.

Types of Outdoor Lighting System

When referring to “lighting,” we are not talking about halogen, LED, or CFL lights normally used for lighting different rooms. “Lighting” refers to lighting systems or lighting patterns that are used for illuminating outdoor places mainly for beautification. 

With hundreds of options for lighting patterns, consulting a professional dealer will help you choose the best outdoor lighting system for your home. However, some of the most popular options available are listed below. 

Deck Lighting- Deck Lighting is a specific type of lighting that is mainly used for illuminating decks, railings, stairs, floors, and walls. Lights are installed individually in different patterns depending on the framework of the exterior of your home. These types of lighting systems are currently in high demand in urban areas and come in a wide range of varieties and prices. 

The best thing about these lights is that they are energy-efficient and can help you save on your electricity bills. If you want an alternative for electric lights, you have solar-powered deck lights. They automatically collect solar energy during the day and illuminate your home at night. This is an ideal option to maximize your savings. 

Landscape Lighting- Landscape lighting is a broader term than deck lighting. It involves a wide variety of lighting systems including illumination of gardens, backyard & front yard, pool & patio lighting, etc. If you have different architectural features in your backyard or front yard, but you don’t add landscape lighting, you miss out on showing off your beautiful designs at night.

Landscape lighting mainly involves three types of lighting: accent lights, patio lights, and path lights. All three have different characteristics, but all are equally effective, impressive, and attractive. 

  • Accent Lights- These types of lights are placed facing upward on the ground and throw the lights on the item you want to illuminate. 
  • Patio Lights- As the name suggests, patio lights are used for illuminating patio spaces. 
  • Path lights- Path lights are used to illuminate paths within a home or garden. 

Specialty Lighting- Specialty lights or lighting systems are particularly designed to illuminate landscapes, pathways, and other outdoor spaces and are quite similar to landscape lighting. Mainly, this type of lighting involves hardscape lighting, statue lighting, and water feature lighting. 

These are some of the most effective types of lighting systems to ensure your home has curb appeal. You can choose any out of these depending on your preferences and home’s requirements. 

How to Plan your Residential Landscape Lighting Design in 5 Easy Steps

How to Plan your Residential Landscape Lighting Design in 5 Easy Steps

Landscape lighting is an ideal option to illuminate your outdoor space at night. There are ample options when you search for residential landscape lighting design

Yet, the proper idea coupled with a rightly executed service can lend you ultimate satisfaction.

If you are looking for the best ideas to lighten up your residential outdoor landscape, here you go. 

You can easily plan your landscape lighting design by following these 5 easy steps. 

These plans are so simple that you can make them on your own. However, the plan as well as the installation process requires an expert’s supervision so that you do not end up in a mess.

Step 1: Make a Plan for Your Landscape Layout

You know your house landscape the best and therefore, you know which places you want to décor. All you need to do is to find out the key focal points. If you have some beautiful plants that you want to illuminate, there are lighting options for the same. 

There are ideas like sculpture, façade, water bodies, and installations, which you can easily culminate by following the proper methods.

Step 2: Make a Sketch of the Landscape

Making a sketch of your landscape will help you to estimate the design properly. You can include all your plans by creating a perimeter of the landscape. 

Include the decks, benches, trees, shrubs, vegetation, and decorations just the way you have planned in your mind. Searching online for the sketching formats will help you to understand the structure better. Also, mark the lighting areas so that it’s easy for the specialist to chalk out the same.

Step 3: Select Your Landscape Lighting Fixtures

This step is the most essential while planning the residential landscape lighting design. As you will come across a plethora of options in landscape lighting, there are higher chances of confusion. Firstly, you need to know the lighting requirements of your outdoor space and then choose a suitable lighting option. 

For example, the underwater LED lights are designed for illuminating the water bodies and the pathway lights are designed for highlighting the walkways. According to the purpose of these fixtures, choose the one that suits your needs.

Step 4: It’s All About Fixture Spacing

This step comes under the installation process and you need to take it seriously. Many DIY ideas fail when it comes to installation and therefore, it is better to contact an outdoor lighting specialist to take care of it. The specialists provide you with the best professional lighting installation services at an affordable budget. 

It is better to have the supervision of an expert since he/she might have better skills and knowledge in this task. However, if you are confident enough to do the entire task on your own, there are online guidelines to help you further.

Step 5: The Final Layout

It is the ultimate and final step to complete your residential outdoor lighting plan. This step is all about giving life to your outdoor lighting plan. It includes checking the fixtures, wires, power supplies to ensure they are working properly. 

For a 12V low-voltage system, usually, there are several runs extending from one transformer connecting to all of the landscape fixtures. The best aspect of an LED outdoor lighting plan is that all your fixtures will be connected to a single monitor, which is way easier to monitor in the long run. When you have gone through this trial and error process, the outdoor lighting plan has finally come to life.

Now that you know the 5 steps of a successful residential landscape lighting design, go ahead and choose the best plan for your wonderland. If you are looking for a landscape lighting specialist for the same task, feel free to contact us. 

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The team of highly skilled and experienced professionals has made us the number one lighting specialist across Detroit Metro. So, what are you waiting for? 

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