Convert Outdoor Lighting from Halogen to Led

Convert Outdoor Lighting from Halogen to Led

Many of our clients have inquired about upgrading their halogen lighting system with LED lighting. And we have always answered-Yes! It’s absolutely possible. However, the complexity of upgrading outdoor lighting can vary a lot depending on the kind of landscape lighting fixtures that are already installed and how old they are.

Illuminated Gardens can help you convert your Outdoor Lighting In South Lyon from halogen to LED through its conversion assessment services. Our team of design experts will first assess your current lighting system and then give you a personalized plan of action that can be done all at once or in phases. We always encourage our customers to upgrade their halogen lighting systems to LED because of the many benefits associated with LED lighting. 

Outdoor lighting halogen to led

Some of these include:


Power consumption in your home depends on the type of lights used both inside and outside of the house. How often and how long they are used can also determine the cost of your energy bills. The switch from halogen to LED can help you save up to 80% on your energy bills. LED lights consume very little energy to produce “better” and brighter lights, resulting in lower power bills. LED light bulbs use between 80% and 85% less energy than halogen bulbs. Choosing LED-based lights will definitely lower the operational costs of your outdoor lighting. Over time, the energy savings will compensate for the upfront cost of buying LED lights. 


After installation, LED lights to require very little to no maintenance at all. Generally, LED lights have a far longer lifespan than other comparable lights. Maintenance also depends on several factors like the type and quality of the semiconductor material used as well as the manufacturing process. Look for branded and high-quality LED lights that are backed by warranty or lifetime claims. 

Quality LED lighting products have the expected lifetime from 15,000 to 30,000 hours however, some products claim up to 50,000. Zero heat emission helps in decreasing the risk of fire, making them safer to use. Such long-running lights will require less replacement and maintenance.


Changing your outdoor lighting from halogen to LED will take an electricity load off your lighting system and in response, reduce operational costs. Now you can add more lighting to your outdoor environment without worrying about energy bills. Moreover, LED bulbs have a wide range of acceptable voltage and produce the same amount of light using far less power. This means that it no longer makes sense to shop for watts. LED lights come with better illumination and the ability to control the beam spread of the lamps.


LED lights consume very little energy as compared to traditional halogen lights. Some LED lights are also made from recyclable materials, which certify that they are easier on the environment and help reduce your carbon footprint.


LED lights are the latest revolution in the lighting industry, which means that there is continuous progress in developing LED lights with better performance and higher aesthetic levels. You may find some outstanding designs and styles in LED outdoor lighting. Some lights come with a sleeker and more pleasing design.


There isn’t a need to change existing fixtures as LED bulbs can be easily fixed on the existing ones. There’s no reason to have second thoughts about changing existing halogen with LED in your home.


LED lights are available in a very wide range of colors. You can choose a bulb color based on the functionality of your space. Warm white light is the most preferred LED bulb color and is good for relaxing, whereas cool white keeps your home bright while reading.


If you think it’s worth replacing your old lighting with LED, then Illuminated Gardens is always there with its best lighting solutions. We have always aimed to inform our customers how they can work to save energy and to cut down on their energy bills. Let us help you design the latest outdoor lighting system that is not only energy-efficient but also looks incredible.