5 Mistakes to Avoid During Installing Low Voltage Lighting

5 Mistakes to Avoid During Installing Low Voltage Lighting

Installing Low voltage lighting is a great option for home interior and garden decor. It is one of the biggest selling products when it comes to saving the budget. Today, you will find an extensive gallery of low voltage lights from the most reputed brands if you search online. You will come across various designs that are suitable for different locations in your garden. 

If you are planning to install low voltage lights on your own, you need to follow its guideline. Here, we will make you aware of the 5 mistakes you could make during low voltage lighting and try to find out the best solutions.

Lighting requires skill that many of us might lack due to inexperience. During installation and designing, many of us make several mistakes that we could have easily avoided. 

Firstly, we need to keep in mind that lighting is not only about décor, but it is also about functionality. During the installation process, if we focus only on décor, it might lead us to sheer disappointment. By taking care of both aspects, you can install lights that will suit the mood and theme of the space. 

For instance, the pathway in your garden requires bright lighting options whereas the in-ground lights need to have a soothing effect.

Now that you have got a basic idea of where to focus, let us proceed to the 5 common mistakes without any further delay.

#1 Installing Low Voltage Lighting Using a Voltmeter

There is a concept that you don’t need a voltmeter for installing low voltage lights since it has a wider range of acceptable voltage. However, it is essential for specific systems. It helps you to measure the electric potential difference between two points in your electric circuit. If you have a system of greater than 10 lights or a wire longer than 100 ft, you need this instrument. Though you will find both the analog and digital voltmeters, it is better to work with the digital one.

#2 Excessive Voltage Drop

During the installation of low voltage lighting, there are chances of excessive voltage drop. 12v currents have a tendency to lose voltage when the wire is too long or loaded with many lights. To avoid this mistake, use your voltmeter to check the voltage and use a maximum length of 100′ of 12 gauge cable per 100 watts of light.

#3 Not Using a Waterproof Direct Burial Splice

To prevent corroding and electrical resistance, you need a waterproof direct burial splice. Usually, the garden landscape lighting cables are buried underground and therefore, it is very crucial that you choose the correct splice.

#4 Installing in the Wrong Place

While installing garden lights, you need to be careful not to install them in the wrong places. For instance, if you install the lighting fixtures throughout the lawn, lawnmowers, fertilizers, and weed whackers can all damage the fixtures. While making sure the fixtures are hidden, do not install them at a place where there are chances of damage.

#5 Using Poor Quality Fixtures

It is a common mistake made by many people due to inexperience. The best option in fixtures is the ones equipped with moisture-seal technology.

These fixtures provide long-lasting light in both indoor and outdoor elements. Hence, to ensure a professional quality result, all you need is to opt for the pro-quality fixtures besides opting for the best lighting options.

Above are the 5 most common mistakes you could make while installing low voltage lighting

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