Staying Safe at Night with Outdoor Lighting

Staying Safe at Night with Outdoor Lighting

Home security is an important concern of every homeowner. Even though they have burglar alarms, CCTVs, and high-tech locking systems installed, but still they are not satisfied. They say that trespassers and thieves can easily enter inside their premises in the dark and even CCTV cannot help in detecting their identity at night. So, protecting the home becomes important at night and you can easily do that using night outdoor lighting.  

Getting outdoor lighting is essential for your home security. You don’t need to douse your home in the light as it can be more inviting to potential burglars. You must take professional help by hiring lighting contractors in Northville who could suggest to you how much light you should add to your outdoors. They will also suggest the best places that you can highlight using low voltage LED lights which will not only keep your property safe but also enhance its curb appeal.

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However, there are different ways of designing and installing outdoor lighting for security purposes. Here are some of the concepts to help enhance your home’s security with the best low voltage landscape lighting in Northville.

Benefits of Night Outdoor Lighting

A Well Lit Property Is Less Trespassed:

A dark home with no security measures is the easiest target for trespassers. While prowling through the neighborhood in night, they always choose a house where lighting is less and they can easily get inside taking the benefit of poor night outdoor lighting.

A well-lit home puts a psychological barrier. The criminals therefore don’t try their hand on such a property and never onto the neighbors.  So, it can be said that outdoor lights serve as an easy crime deterrent at night. Criminals wouldn’t like to be seen while breaking down a door or busting someone’s window. Make sure to keep your outdoors enlightened with low voltage landscape lights as they appear beautiful and are energy-efficient. This means you don’t need to worry about energy bills.

Create Rings of Security with Landscape Lighting:

There are many dark spots around your property where someone can hide and manage to break in. Moreover, even after adding beautiful accents of light, some areas could still act as weaknesses of your property, and intruders can exploit them well. To prevent it, make sure that the lighting you are choosing lend depth to your visual control over the outside scene through your window. Eliminate all the dark pockets and areas that could be exploitative. You should create rings of security so that it extends your reach of night outdoor lighting to the very outer edges of your proper, allowing you greater visual control over your surroundings.     

Do Not Upset Everyone Living Nearby With Bright Lights:

Choose outdoor lighting wisely. Make sure it doesn’t affect your neighbors. Bright powerful flood lights could be great for lighting up the option to install. But they could create a problem for your neighbors. Most of us have experienced how it feels when houselights of neighbors shine in your windows at night. It’s good that you are worried about your home security. But you should choose beautiful and tasteful security lights which do not upset everyone living nearby.

Choosing Functional Task Lights for Night Outdoor Lighting:

Task lights serve a dual purpose as we can see our way as well as keep an eye on trespassers. They serve as security lighting. Downlights are the finest examples of functional task lights as they shine onto a pathway helping us avoid trip hazards. However, they also help us see outside motion through our windows at night.  

Light Your Entrances:

Entryways are the areas where the maximum number of incidents tends to occur. They serve as weak points of your home. These specifically include places like the side or back door to the garage. Entranceways around your home should be well lit to prevent the incident. Entrances with shining light falling directly on the door will never be approached by trespassers as they don’t want to be seen.


There are different ways to increase your home’s security with night outdoor lighting. However, landscape lighting is not only the best security lighting but also make your home appear beautiful. By installing security lighting, it doesn’t mean having the loudest or brightest lights in the neighborhood. You can choose beautiful lighting accents that bring you security as well as peace of mind.