Decoding the Common Outdoor Lighting Myths

Decoding the Common Outdoor Lighting Myths

Outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to enhance the look of your property and add a magical charm. The Kichler outdoor lighting makes your property safer and more secure, as you won’t find much difficulty in moving around during the night-time. Who wouldn’t want to brighten up and beautify their outdoor space? Obviously, everyone would! However, what limits many people from opting for professional outdoor lighting are the common myths. Here is a list of myths about outdoor lighting that you shouldn’t believe. Let’s dive in!

Often people are of the view that outdoor lighting is quite expensive and would break the bank. However, it is actually quite affordable when you connect with the right landscape lighting company. Well, the actual budget for landscape lighting would depend on several factors. It includes the type of lighting, the number of lights, and much more.

When it comes to types of lighting, you have a variety of options. In case you want to save on costs, it is best to go for low-voltage LED outdoor lighting. It will not only enable you to lower your overall landscape lighting costs but also enable you to save on your electricity bills due to low power consumption.

  • Landscape Lighting is for Big and Luxurious Houses

People believe that their house isn’t the right size for landscape lighting. However, the reality is that no property is too small or too big for outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting can be done for all property sizes. Irrespective of your property size, experienced professionals can beautify it with the right choice of lights.

  • Landscape Lighting will Hide the Architectural Features

The reality is just the opposite. Landscape lighting will not hide the architectural features in your outdoors. Instead, it will accentuate and highlight them, thereby making your property look more beautiful and appealing.

  • DIY Lighting is Easy and Saves Money

When it comes to landscape lighting, many people have a perception that they can do the work themselves. No doubt, the DIY landscape lighting installation can save you money initially. However, in the long run, it can be problematic and cost you more. Installation of outdoor lights requires expertise, precision, and special tools.

DIY attempts may lead to improper fittings due to the lack of availability of the right tools. As a result, it decreases the lifespan of the lights, and you may require reinstallation in just a few days. To avoid such situations, it is best to hire Kichler landscape lighting experts. The professionals have everything, from the right tool to expertise, to get the job done in the best possible way.


Now that you are well-versed in the popular landscape lighting myths, it is important to avoid believing them. Outdoor lighting is indeed a great way to add a new charm to your property. So, connect with the experts and brighten up your house in the best possible way. Are you looking for a reliable landscape lighting firm? Illuminated Gardens can be the right option for you.