Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Space with Lighting

Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Space with Lighting

Summer is here, and it’s time to get your barbeque stations out! However, a good outdoor time can be ruined if the outdoors are not maintained or simply unappealing. Thankfully, you can effortlessly transform your garden, backyard, pool, or even decks with the help of outdoor landscape lighting. That’s right! Lighting is an excellent way to elevate any living space without calling upon massive building or construction work.

Here are some amazing ways by which you can get your exterior a splendid makeover.

5 Ways To Transform Your Outdoor Space With Lighting

  1. Path lighting: Illuminating your pathways is a great way to bring dual-functionality. Along with creating an enchanting atmosphere, it also works as a safe navigation system. You can install them on the path leading towards your front entrance, back door, or even on small dirt patches around your backyard pond or garden. In this case, low voltage path lights such as dim LED fixtures are considered the best.
  2. Spotlighting: Spotlighting, also known as outdoor landscape lighting, is used to illuminate and highlight specific features with a beam light. If you have special features, statues, or sculptures, spotlighting can evoke a warm and sophisticated ambiance. It is usually installed above the ground level and is available in various brightness intensities depending upon the size of the feature that needs to be highlighted.
  3. Patio lighting: Patios are a valuable portion of our homes since they are meant for relaxing outdoor time. It is also a great place to host small picnics and breakfasts. So, there’s no reason to keep your patios boring! Decorate the place with specialty patio lights to make your patio glow like never before.
  4. Water feature lighting: If you have a water feature like backyard ponds or fountains outdoors, getting a water feature lighting is the best thing. For example, LED lighting around the water fountain creates a mesmerizing appearance of the sparkling water stream.
  5. Deck Lighting: If your house has one or more decks, you can make it look amazing at night simply by using low-voltage landscape pathway lighting. Since decks are designed to help people safely go up and forth the outdoors, lighting them makes them safe. Deck lighting is available in various designs such as wraparound strands, railing lights, under-lit deck LEDs, etc.


With these easy and innovative lighting ideas, one can transform their outdoor space that looks beautiful and equally functional. If you have decided to go for such amazing outdoor lighting solutions, contact illuminated Gardens. From LED path lighting to specialty lighting solutions, they’ve got you covered! You can also hire them for lighting installation, redesigning, halogen to LED conversion, etc. 


  1. Which light is perfect for my deck and patio?

Low-voltage path and deck lights are perfect since they light up the way while consuming less energy.

  1. How can I highlight my garden fountain?

Spotlighting is the best way to highlight such special features.

  1. Why should I hire professional lighting installers?

Expert lighting installers have the right skills and experience in dealing with lighting types that suit your infrastructure and electricity requirements.