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7 Landscape Lighting Maintenance Hacks Only Specialists Can Do

7 Landscape Lighting Maintenance Hacks Only Specialists Can Do

Landscape lighting requires proper maintenance more than indoor lighting for obvious reasons. If you have a beautiful landscape in your house premises, here are some landscape lighting maintenance hacks you should know. 

These hacks can be easily done by the landscape lighting specialists.

It is essential to maintain the landscape lighting setup of your house on a regular basis. Irrespective of whether you have a small arena or a spacious landscape in your house, maintenance is mandatory. All of these actions are very easy to do and can be done by homeowners.

Today, you will come across many landscape lighting specialists, who provide professional services in lighting design, installation, and maintenance. While the maintenance service comes as a package with the design, you can also avail of maintenance service specifically.

Why Hire Landscape Lighting Specialists?

Firstly, the maintenance of landscape lighting requires special skill and experience that the specialists are best at. Secondly, it takes a lot of time, effort, and patience to try the maintenance hacks on your own whereas the specialists can do it within a few minutes. Thirdly and most importantly, the specialists give you maintenance suggestions and tips for the durability of the landscape lights.

#1 Adjust Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor downlights under the trees look wonderful as they illuminate the trees and make them look elevated. Sometimes, the fixtures of these lights can be damaged as the trunks grow. Hence, you need to adjust the lighting fixtures at least once a year. Resecuring the loose wires and backing out the hanger bolts are parts of the maintenance.

#2 Replace Bulb Burnouts

The new-age LED bulbs ensure you with minimal chances of burnouts or damage. However, if you notice the brightness is fading down with time, you can consider replacing the light with a new one. You can change the burnt-out bulbs easily by following online tutorials.

#3 Check for Exposed Wires

During winter, an exposed wire is one of the common problems. When the ground defrosts in your outdoor landscape, you will notice that the wires have come up to the surface. It makes a good opportunity for you to check the condition of the wire. 

Once there is no sign of damage, you can rebury them before the ground freezes. If only there is any severe damage in the wire, you need to avail of professional service.

#4 Cut Back Plant Growth

Not only the trunks but also the branches come in the way of your lighting as they grow. To eliminate the obstruction, you need to consider cutting back the foliage around those fixtures.

#5 Brush-Off Lights

Dust and snow can damage the outdoor lights by coating them with layers of grim. Therefore, it is essential to brush-off the grim once you see their traces. It comes as a part of the maintenance service provided by the professionals. Yet, it is such a simple task that any homeowner can do it without the help of the professionals.

#6 Optimize your Winter Lighting 

Winter storms can make it difficult for your outdoor landscape lighting to function properly. Also, you might need to add more lighting in specific areas that need more illumination. Hence, it is essential to check the entire outdoor space at night and contact the specialists to optimize the setup for winter. If there is more lighting in the landscape than required, you can always turn off a few.

#7 Consider an Upgrade

Landscape lighting maintenance also includes lighting up-gradation for several reasons. You need to check the overall performance of the lights to see whether they suffice all your needs. If you think you need to convert halogens to LED or install new ones, hire a specialist for a quick upgrade.

Now that you know the 7 essential landscape lighting maintenance hacks, go ahead and contact a specialist at the earliest.

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5 Things to Know for the Best Outdoor Lighting for a Patio

5 Things to Know for the Best Outdoor Lighting for a Patio

Spending some quality time in your lawn always a bliss and particularly when it is summer, it will give more pleasure. 

Also, your lawn will get you the best experience in sunlight, hangs around with friends, family, and guests. Anyhow, once the sunlight goes off, you can continue your enjoyment by taking the help of an outdoor lighting expert. 

Take the help of the best outdoor lighting expert to make your backyard bright and enjoyable with the people you love. Few of us might think, it might be a simple arrangement of lights to glow sufficient to cover your lawn area. 

You might be mistaken, in this aspect as an outdoor lighting expert will create an ideal ambiance suitable for your backyard. These are the 5 things below to check about Best outdoor lighting for a patio.

#1 Ambiance

It is needed to know for you about different types of outdoor lighting they are — Accent, task, and ambient. 

By using Wall lights, post lights, hanging lights, ambient lighting is achieved by the lighting experts. The whole pathway that you walk will be decorated along with a deck and security lights cover the task lighting. 

Spotlights and Landscape kits make the most interesting accent lighting. As per expert recommendations, Solar spotlights and string lights help to make one of the best selections for outdoor lighting. 

#2 Planning

 Planning is very important to get an idea about how you want to see our outdoor decoration at night. Get a measurement tape and take perfect dimensions of every corner of your garden or backyard. These measurements are vital to take the help of the best outdoor lighting expert who can give you a picture of how you can plan your lighting. 

#3 Switch the view

Sometimes perception plays a major role and the same applies to help you decide about your backyard lighting. To get your best idea, once change your view and try to view your lawn from your balcony or a window of your bedroom. You cand decide where did it go wrong or where did it go so well to get the ideal view you wanted to achieve. 

#4 Security

Security is very important to measure you need to take care along with lighting your lawn. Make sure garages, exit doors to get a spotlight and cover the shadow so that all the sides of your lawn are illuminated equally. 

#5 LEDs

It is much preferable to use LEDs in place of incandescent bulbs or halogen. LEDs have a longer life when compared to other types of lights and generally can bear seasonal wear and tear. 

5 Things to Know for the Best Outdoor Lighting for a Patio


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Our industry-level experts design your garden into a wonderful place you can live without any compromise on quality, designs, and innovation.

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