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Landscape Lighting

5 Advantages of Halogen to LED Landscape Lighting Transformation

Gone are those days when heavy halogen lightings were the only option for your house landscapes. Today, you will find a plethora of options in LED landscape lighting that are safe and advanced. These lighting options offer you several benefits as compared to the halogen lights. 

The best aspect of the LED lights is that it looks discreet and aesthetically pleasing, suitable for every corner of your house landscape. As a result, you do not have to depend upon the old halogen lights to brighten up the entire landscape.

Hence, if you are looking for a LED lighting transformation service for your house landscape, here you go. Here are the 5 advantages of the halogen to LED conversion service that any landscape lighting specialist will ensure you. Know these advantages and opt for a reliable service according to your budget and needs.

5 Advantages of Halogen to LED Landscape Lighting Transformation
5 Advantages of Halogen to LED Landscape Lighting Transformation

#1 High Efficiency

The best advantage of switching from halogen to LED lighting is the high efficiency in terms of energy saving. You can expect up to about 85% less energy consumption with LED fixtures as compared to halogen. Summer is the season when you spend most of the time in your house landscape. You can expect more comfort and ease with the new-age LED lighting system.

#2 Enhanced Lighting Effect

Today, there are advanced lighting technologies that provide you with high efficiency when it comes to performance. The ultimate purpose of installing lights in your landscape is to illuminate the space. Firstly, LED lights use advanced technology to provide you the equal illumination as halogen. Secondly, controlling the beam spread of LED lights is quite easy, unlike an ordinary halogen.

#3 Longer Bulb Life

Most of the LED bulbs today come with 30,000 hours or a 5-year warranty from the time of your purchase. On the contrary, most of the halogen bulbs come with 5,000 hours of warranty. Hence, LED lights to ensure a longer bulb life than the halogen. It saves your effort and budget for maintenance.

#4 Savings

Over time, you will understand the budget-saving capability of LED landscape lighting. You might have to spend a specific amount while installing LED lights but it will remain as a one-time investment. The energy savings offered by LED lights will definitely pay for the upfront investment. If you stick to the old halogen lights, the electric bill and the service calls for burnt out bulbs will ultimately surpass the budget of LED purchase and installation.

#5 Low Maintenance Cost & Effort

Halogen bulbs originate light by burning the filament. When you use it for long, the filament grows thinner and weaker. It ultimately leads to a reduction in lumen output, which makes your system poor and inefficient. Eventually, you might notice the connection breaking and therefore, make frequent maintenance costs and effort. LED lighting uses advanced technology to perform excellently in the longer run. Eventually, you will not notice any connection disruption. 

The maintenance cost and effort will be lowered for sure.

It is true that converting halogen landscape lighting to LED offers you several other benefits. 

Therefore, you need to switch to a reliable halogen to LED landscape lighting conversion service. If you are looking for the same, feel free to contact us. 

We at Illuminated Garden, provide you with a budget-friendly halogen to LED lighting conversion service. Whether you have a big house landscape area of a smaller one, we provide reliable solutions for all. 

We can work with your current halogen system to convert it to an LED system. There will be relatively little redesign if the system is suitable for this service.

Since we are the landscape lighting specialists, our team of designers will assess your current landscape lighting system to determine which fixtures could be recycled or replaced. 

After the assessment, we will present you with the plan to finally convert your landscape lighting system to LED. 

The installation process will be thoroughly taken care of by our team of professionals, who will transform your entire lighting setup into a new one you will admire. 

We will show you ample lighting options and designs for every corner of your landscape. 

Based on your budget and needs, you can choose the best one. So, what are you waiting for? 

Go ahead and get in touch with us for a stress-free and reliable halogen to LED landscape lighting conversion service.

Landscape Lighting

4 Amazing Benefits of Landscape Lighting and Services

Your house is your unrivaled delight. When you have set out your yard, with the flower beds, and set up the grill on the back patio, you may think your work is finished. 

Including scene lighting and nursery, light is an incredible method to feature your yard’s best highlights and make your home a more secure spot. 

Consider including outdoor lighting for your next arranging venture to make your landscape warm and excellent.

Here are a few advantages of expert landscape design and lighting:  

1. Light up Your Outdoor Living Space 

Open-air lighting adds enlightenment to your outside spaces, making them usable around evening time. Open-air lighting can add the right mood to your area whether you are with the family, or having some tea alone before bed. You can even introduce outdoor lights that accompany a diminished highlight. 

This will permit you to utilize more brilliant light when the children are outside playing, and low light for sentimental nights with your partner.

Landscape lightings come in an assortment of shapes and structures, making it simple to discover lights that fit different highlights of your home.

2. Feature Your Landscaping Decor 

By deliberately putting outside lighting all through your yard, you can feature a considerable lot of the highlights you as of now have.

Utilizing lights all through your blossom beds will likewise flaunt all the beautiful hues, so you can even make the most of your nursery around evening time. 

Open-air lights can be utilized overhead on yards, joined into railings or posts on staircases, or put in the ground. Another excellent choice for outside lighting is proclamation lights. Explanation lights are incredibly friendly exchanges because of their exceptional nature. 

Consider balancing brilliantly hued spheres around your yard to make disposition lighting, or discover lighting that is in topic with the stylistic layout of your porch or one of your leisure activities. On the off chance that you have sea or seashore style in your yard, you can improve it with these marine and nautical themed lights.

You can search for landscape design and lighting services in Michigan.

3. Improve Property Value and Curb Appeal 

Any expansion to your home will build your property estimation. The excellence of outdoor lighting is you will get a quick profit for your speculation while appreciating all the incredible advantages it will give you and your family. 

By deliberately setting outdoor lighting all through your yard, you can grandstand the incredible highlights and increment your check claim. 

Outdoor lights can likewise be utilized to feature the extraordinary engineering highlights of your home. One strategy that numerous architects use is the evening glow impact. With this structure plan, light is delicate and no more brilliant than that of a full moon, yet at the same time enlightens exceptional outside spaces.

4. Helps in Protection 

Not only is landscape lighting lovely, but it is additionally an incredible method to make your home a more secure spot for your family, companions, and whatever other visitors that visit your property. As referenced before, you would be able to utilize light presents on enlighten ways, walkways, and even your garage. 

It is likewise critical to put lights close to any stairs, or lopsided zones. The lights will manage individuals around evening time, which will help keep wounds from falling or curving a lower leg. This will likewise decrease the danger of bystander slipping and falling close to your property, and suing you for harms. 

Consider introducing outside lighting in high rush hour gridlock territories like yards, decks, around the pool, and open-air seating zones.

 By utilizing outdoor light, you can keep your family sheltered while making the most of your yard around the evening time. Search for lighting design and services, Michigan, for more information.


Landscape lighting not only increases the beauty of the surrounding, but there are several more benefits like listed above. 

So consider using a good landscape design and lighting service for a most efficient job.

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