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Avoid Light Trespass & Keep Your Neighbors Happy with Perfect Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to lighting your outdoors, there are so many things you need to think about. Typically, most of us prioritize things like the type of lighting we want to buy, check the lighting’s energy efficiency, and much more. Getting LED lighting is the obvious choice as they are low maintenance, cheaper to run, and save energy. You can create a bright lighting environment around your building using LED lighting and create lighting effects using different colored lights. However, a critical aspect of outdoor lighting that we all forget to consider is how our landscape lighting design will affect our neighbors. Most of us overlook light trespass or light pollution, which could cause hot water with the neighbors.

What Does Light Trespass Mean?

Light trespass is a term used to define the light spills cast where they should not or not required. It is relevant to both commercial and domestic premises. It can be defined as the illumination from one property light up the outside of its perimeters. Glare from lights shining into the windows of your neighbors can be described as light trespass. The glare and light trespass both slay the beauty and functionality of lighting installations. While designing and installing outdoor lighting, make sure you walk around your building and examine your lighting effect from all viewing angles. The wrong lighting type, improperly aimed lighting and highly bright lights are common causes of light trespass.

Apart from lighting trespass, there are so many other things you should be concerned about as it could cause problems to your neighbors. Good outdoor lighting improves visibility, safety, and a sense of security around your building. On the other hand, it minimizes energy use, operating costs, and ugly glare. But if you choose poorly designed or low-quality lighting, then these could be wasteful and distractingly glary. Such lights would definitely harm the property values of your neighbors and the nighttime ambiance. And if you direct your landscape lighting uselessly above the horizon, creating a dark sky glow, then it will result in the “light pollution” that will wash out your view of the stars.

There are so many other things that you should be worried about. These include:

Glare: “Glare” is the light that beams directly into your eyes from a bulb. If you could see a bright bulb from a distance, then it’s a bad light. It serves no purpose and just impedes the vision of pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists. Good outdoor lighting lets you see a well-lit ground instead of a dazzling bulb.

Energy Wastage: Many outdoor lights waste energy as they spill much of their light in the area where it is not required, such as up into the sky. For such lighting that is not at all serving your purpose, you will be paying high energy bills for them. Many studies say people in the United States waste more than a billion dollars unnecessarily by lighting the night sky.

Excess Lighting: Some homes are flooded with much stronger lighting than actually required for safety and security.

How to Prevent Light Trespass?

The idea behind using landscape lighting is to enhance the beauty of your home and its security.  Here, the purpose of adding outdoor lighting is not to show off your new fixtures. If you focus on showing off your building rather than lighting up the areas that could act as holes for intruders to sneak, then there is no point in having lights in your outdoors. Improper lighting angles and over shining lights could cause light trespass. Here are a few tips to help you avoid light trespass:

Carefully examine the place where you have installed your eve floodlights: If you are installing floodlights, then you must understand that they have too much lighting. Make sure you install them as few as possible to prevent too much lighting flood. Also, ensure they all are in a separate circuit so that they can be individually turned off when not required.

Check your lighting installation from neighboring properties: There is no other alternative than getting a view of your lighting system from the adjoining properties. This will help you have a picture of your property from their perspective. You will notice it immediately if you have created a light spill onto their property.

Match the fixture to the lighting purpose: If you want to light your pathway, make sure you choose low voltage walkway lighting. If you are installing fixtures on a long pole, then make sure your fixture shade keeps the light down. It should not allow spillover or glare. If you are using up-lights on a house or tree, make sure the fixture has a guard so that the light is directed only toward the subject.

Keep a check on your wattage: Avoid over illuminating areas. This not only looks stark and harsh on your subject, but also lighting reflection could flow over to unwanted areas. Also, you are just wasting money by burning more wattage than you actually need.

Ways To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

We all want an inviting outdoor space within our boundaries to spend some quality time with our family and friends. The Garden and patio both are the perfect places where we can breathe some fresh air, sit back, and relax our minds.  

But, do you really think your outdoors have such an extraordinary ambiance that you can relax and enjoy. Is it well-lit so that you can use it even when the sun sets? If your answer is no, this blog will help you as we have compiled some of the best ways to make the most of your outdoor space. We have comprehensively explored them through our past experience and been sharing in this guide. 

Creating an inviting outdoor space is quite challenging. It involves a number of things ranging from creating organized pathways to building a shelter and illuminating the whole area using low voltage lighting installation.

People add various aesthetic elements to their outdoor space to ensure their landscape looks appealing and alluring. They spend a lot on architecture, plantation, and other things, but they forget that everything will sink in the darkness if your outdoors don’t have proper lighting. Boring and poorly enlightened outdoors cannot be used for get-togethers, parties, and sending quality time as there will be a lot of things missing especially proper lighting.  

Call the professionals and take their help in making your outdoor space more usable and friendly. They will suggest the best lighting design plan as per your needs and budget. Professional help is suggested as they know how to plan the right amount of lighting in a particular type and size of outdoor space. 

Below we have shared some useful tips to make your outdoor space inviting. Let’s explore them! 

Top Five Ways to Make an Inviting Outdoor Space

Convert Your Outdoor Space Into an Adorable Garden

Plants, flowers, and trees in your garden are a great way to create a peaceful and pleasant environment in your outdoors. You would love the greenery as it would make you feel relaxed and make your mornings cool.  But as the sun goes down, you won’t be able to treat your eyes with natural beauty if you don’t have proper lighting. Using different kinds of outdoor lighting highlighting trees, plants, architectural features, and much more will double the exquisiteness of your outdoors. Professionals will suggest choosing the right colors of light, creating a mix and match of lighting. 

Add a Beautiful Shelter 

Your outdoor space is not complete without a beautiful shelter. It must be in your plan because a beautiful shelter provides a peaceful space to sit and have important conversations and enhances the aesthetics of your landscape. 

To create such a structure, you can take the help of outdoor space makers as well as lighting experts. Together, they will put forward a number of shelter design options comprising gazebo, stylish sheets, pergola, canopies, and a vibrant patio umbrella. You can choose the best elements depending on your budget, making certain that they fit perfectly with your outdoor space theme. 

Illuminate the Patio 

A patio is the most exciting part of your outdoor space. It must look attractive and exciting not only under the daylight but moonlight as well. To maximize the beauty and utilization of your patio, you must install patio lights.  

You may find several exciting options for patio lights such as lantern lights, fancy string lights, curtain lights, LED fairy lights, etc. You can choose any of these lighting based on your requirement. Make sure the lighting you choose perfectly fits your patio theme and complements your entire outdoor space. 

Furthermore, you can add lighting around the fixed structures as well as the ceiling of your patio. It will make your patio look more inviting. 

The best thing about modern patio lights is that you can control the brightness of these lights using your smartphone. It makes things convenient for you as you can turn on and turn off lighting without moving from your place.  

Illuminate Pathways

Paving a pathway is a great idea to enhance your balcony’s aesthetics, but if you install some stunning low-voltage lights on both sides of your pathways, it will look incredibly awesome. It will also be a great addition from a security perspective. 

There are so many choices available for pathway lights. These include solar flame lights, decorative lights, low-voltage LED lights, etc. For illuminating your pathways, you need to approach experts and ask them to perform low voltage lighting installation around your pathway.  

Illuminate the Stairs

While preparing our outdoor space, we often ignore the stairs that lead to our balcony space. It won’t look good if your stairs are not adequately illuminated as it could be dangerous as someone could miss a step. So, make sure to illuminate the stairs with suitable lighting not just for the sake of beauty but also for the safety of your guests. 

Benefits Of Installing And Maintaining Landscape Lighting In Winters

Winter is officially upon us and we know days are going to be short and cold. Daylight hours are reduced and you will be forced to stay indoors. Are you regretting because you have to celebrate every festival inside your house due to a lack of sufficient lighting in your outdoor space? Is your deck too dark when the sun sets or your patio lacks the proper lighting facility to plan an event in the dark? Are you still waiting for summers to bring back exciting opportunities for outdoor entertainment or do you have some other plan to add fun to your winters?

Low voltage outdoor lighting is the best and most suitable option to brighten up your outdoors in winters. Professional low voltage lighting installation benefits your home, adding warmth to it and making it welcoming on the darkest and coldest night. It’s never too late; there are plenty of cold and dark nights ahead!

Let’s find out the benefits of installing outdoor lights during winters.

Lighting Keeps Your Premises Safe: The combination of snow and darkness is very dangerous. Walking over an ice-slicked driveway in the dark is quite risky. Moreover, you would wish to keep your guests feel safe and welcomed which could only be possible if your front and pathway leading to the entrance is well-lit. Proper lighting at the entrances, walkways, and driveways keeps your front safe. It gets dark early in winter. Installing proper outdoor lighting will ensure a beautiful, well-illuminated, and safe home.  

Proper Lighting Offers Security: Our home is the most secure place in the world and you can enhance its security by bathing your property in light. It is one of the best ways to deter vandals and thieves. You can choose from different lighting options like sensor lights, dimmable lighting, lighting operating on timers, and many more. All these lights are a great way to keep your home enlightened in dark winters and also maintain the security of your place.

Timer-based outdoor lighting controls the brightness of your landscape lighting. This means your property will be efficiently, securely, and inexpensively lightened from dusk until dawn. These lights progressively get dim through the night and cast less light as morning appears. When the sun rises, it automatically gets turn off and resumes again in the night.

Outdoor Lighting Enhances Curb Appeal:  If you take pride in your home, then why you are not highlighting its pretty features in the dark. Choose low voltage lighting installation by professionals as it can beautifully highlight your outdoors. If your outdoor has some great architectural features, then shed some light on them and enhance the curb appeal of your property. You can choose different lighting options like walkway lights, floodlights, pond lights, and entranceway lights to make your home look intriguing and artistic at night.

Recreate the Celebrations: Winter means festivals, celebrations, and entertainment. If you light up your deck or patio with proper lighting, then you can have the same fun you generally have in the summers. Now, you can plan and enjoy late-night parties even in the winters at your deck. Enlighten it with beautiful and charming lights that give you uninterrupted festive feeling and great entertainment irrespective of outside cold. In addition to this, you can easily install lenses on deck lighting fixtures and change the colors of your lights, creating your own dance floor. You can customize your lights for each festival like New Year, Christmas, or others that come along.

Choosing The Right Lighting Means Saving Energy: Outdoor LED lighting uses 75% lesser power than conventional lights. They also last 20 times longer. So it will be a good decision to update your existing landscape lighting to LED lights. LED lights have an average life span of more than 40,000 hours.

If you want to take an advantage of the efficient LED lighting system, then Illuminated Gardens is here to help you with this and convert your conventional lighting into LED lighting.  You would definitely witness a decrease in your energy bills and also contribute to energy saving. Make your winters warm and glowing with us as we are always there for our customers with outdoor lighting design suggestions and recommendations.