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How to Test Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

How to Test Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Lighting up your garden always gives a pleasant ambiance; it is needed to bring a quality experience to your backyard. Low Voltage lighting is often chosen as the most preferred way of decorating your gardens

It is important that all your fixtures are getting the proper voltage, lack of which may lead to improper functioning of your landscape lighting system.

 In addition to voltage issues, there are several other factors that may impact functioning. 

To strategically resolve the issues with your landscape lighting system, you need to first understand what the problem is?  

Once the problem is identified fixing the issue gets much easier. 

No all you need to know is How to test low voltage outdoor lighting based on the issues being experienced.  

Key issues that any landscape lighting system may exhibit are one fixture not lighting up, all lights are dim, the whole system is intermittent, Lights do not turn on/off as expected. 

how to test low voltage outdoor lighting

1. One Fixture is Not Lighting Up

Check for the failed bulb, and this can be quickly checked by swapping the bulb with a fixture that is working properly. If the bulb is intact and working properly, the next step would be to test the voltage, and for you would need to get your hands-on voltmeter.

Voltage requirements for proper functionality depend upon the type of fixture used, LED system to have a bigger operational voltage range, i.e. is 9~16v, whereas halogen bulbs have much tighter voltage requirements i.e. 10.8 to 11.3 v. if the fixture does not have prescribed voltage range it would not work. 

2. Fixtures are Dim

First, look for if all the fixtures dim or some of the fixtures are dim. You need to be patient and observe your system performance, look for the clues.

If your lights are getting dimmer as you go further away from the transformer, the issue is related to voltage drop, usually, an issue is prominent with daisy chain installation. If all the fixtures are dim check for the mainline voltage, to be certain of the root cause you would need a voltmeter, so to troubleshoot a landscape lighting system, the voltmeter is a very basic tool that you would require.

3. Lights running All Day

the root cause of this issue is at the transformer, most of the transformers have photocell attached to them, which are most of the time the main contributor to this issue. A photocell works with light i.e. the circuit would be open during the day when there is sunlight, thus keeping you landscape lighting off. 

However, when it is dark the circuit closes and your transformer is turned on and powering your landscape lighting system. 

4. Check with the Transformer

It is better to have a check with the transformer of your low voltage lighting system. Check for any obstruction to the photosensor, is it blocked by landscape overgrowth, over covered by dust or other debris, clean the photocell and that should resolve the issue. 

5. The intermittent or flickering landscape lighting system

This one of the most difficult problems to resolve as it is very difficult to find the source of the problem. 

There are 2 main issues reasons for this behavior: Loose connection or wire load leading to getting the wire too hot and melting. Finding a loose connection is a more difficult issue as the issue could be anywhere along the length of the wire. The load on a wire can be checked by checking the amperage on the wire at the transformer where connections are made. 

The best solution for both these problems would be to run the wire again and make sure the connections are secure, and wire runs are not overloaded.   

With these simple procedures, you can solve most of the issues with your landscape lighting system

These are very basic and simple steps to identify the root cause and take corrective action, moreover, get your young kids involved this would be a fun activity for and at the same time teach them basic engineering principles.

 If you can understand and implement these tips for How to test low voltage outdoor lighting, then there is no need for you to call a landscape lighting specialist. 

Things can be sorted well in your home by using simple techniques that need your basic household tools. 

This would really help you to save your valuable time, efforts, and most importantly money. Higher your maintenance frequency, lesser will be your maintenance costs for the rest of the years. 

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Installing Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Installing Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

The exterior part of your house is as useful and important as the interior. 

Hence, not paying enough attention would lead to lower curb appeal, thus it is important to focus on the upkeep of your outdoor living space as indoor. Focusing on your outdoor living space has several benefits, as it adds curb appeal, value to your investment, and great outdoor gathering space. 

Your outdoor space is a significant part of your living space, especially in summer and fall seasons. Landscape lighting can add charm to the weekend house parties, the daily workout sessions, and a lot more.

 If you are thinking of sprucing up the home exterior with a little effort, here you go. 

Installing low voltage landscape lighting can definitely enhance the overall curb appeal of your house with little investment and we are here to help.

You must have spiked pages after pages of the home decor magazines and got mesmerized by the beautiful home pictures and wished that your home could look like that. 

Well, illumination is the secret. Whether you like to keep it simple by adding minimal landscaping or decorate the space with hardscape, waterfalls, or statues, landscape lighting adds that extra charm. 

There are multiple options when it comes to choosing lights for the outdoor space and low voltage landscape lighting is one of the smartest choices among many house owners for more than one reason. 

These lights not only illuminate the space but also adds to safety and security. Secondly, low voltage lights ensure lower electricity consumption and minimum maintenance. So, if you are up to designing the exterior with these lights, read on to know how you can install them easily.

#1 Know the Equipment

To install landscape lights in your home exterior, you need fixtures for illumination, wire, transformer, trencher, waterproof wire nut, etc. 

The low voltage lights are connected to a transformer, which comes in different wattage, you can select a transformer based on the total wattage of the fixtures you are planning to install. Total wattage of fixtures shall not exceed 80% of the transformer wattage. The transformer converts 110v AC to 12v AC, which powers most of the landscape lighting fixtures available in the market. 

There are a couple of options when selecting the equipment, fixtures with incandescent bulbs or LED fixtures, both work with 12-volt AC transformers. 

LED fixtures are preferred as they draw lower wattage for the lumen output as fixtures using incandescent bulbs on top of that LED fixture to have a much longer life. Once you have procured all the material required, draw a rough layout, and get started, now is the time to sweat.

#2 Use Correct Wiring

The second step of the landscape lighting installation is to select the correct wire size. The wire size depends on the distance of the fixture from the transformer and the wattage on the run. If the wrong wire size is selected, the system will be prone to issues and will not perform as expected. 

It is not recommended to go below 14/2 for LED fixtures and 12/2 if incandescent fixtures are used. To avoid the hassle of load calculation and proper wire selection, it is better to hire an expert. Also, you can search online for the guidelines as there are many DIY videos and articles to help you.

#3 Take Professional Help 

Knowing the right kind of equipment and wiring is not everything about landscape lights installation. An expert who provides professional services knows the pros and cons of different fixtures types and therefore can recommend the best fixtures to complement your architecture and landscape design

Starting from landscape lighting design to the installation, everything is done with special care by the professionals. 

Therefore, taking professional help will let you achieve the desired result without a single error and will more economical in the long run.

Above are the crucial points that you need to be careful about while installing low voltage landscape lighting for your home, office, or resort. 

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5 Things to Know for the Best Outdoor Lighting for a Patio

5 Things to Know for the Best Outdoor Lighting for a Patio

Spending some quality time in your lawn always a bliss and particularly when it is summer, it will give more pleasure. 

Also, your lawn will get you the best experience in sunlight, hangs around with friends, family, and guests. Anyhow, once the sunlight goes off, you can continue your enjoyment by taking the help of an outdoor lighting expert. 

Take the help of the best outdoor lighting expert to make your backyard bright and enjoyable with the people you love. Few of us might think, it might be a simple arrangement of lights to glow sufficient to cover your lawn area. 

You might be mistaken, in this aspect as an outdoor lighting expert will create an ideal ambiance suitable for your backyard. These are the 5 things below to check about Best outdoor lighting for a patio.

#1 Ambiance

It is needed to know for you about different types of outdoor lighting they are — Accent, task, and ambient. 

By using Wall lights, post lights, hanging lights, ambient lighting is achieved by the lighting experts. The whole pathway that you walk will be decorated along with a deck and security lights cover the task lighting. 

Spotlights and Landscape kits make the most interesting accent lighting. As per expert recommendations, Solar spotlights and string lights help to make one of the best selections for outdoor lighting. 

#2 Planning

 Planning is very important to get an idea about how you want to see our outdoor decoration at night. Get a measurement tape and take perfect dimensions of every corner of your garden or backyard. These measurements are vital to take the help of the best outdoor lighting expert who can give you a picture of how you can plan your lighting. 

#3 Switch the view

Sometimes perception plays a major role and the same applies to help you decide about your backyard lighting. To get your best idea, once change your view and try to view your lawn from your balcony or a window of your bedroom. You cand decide where did it go wrong or where did it go so well to get the ideal view you wanted to achieve. 

#4 Security

Security is very important to measure you need to take care along with lighting your lawn. Make sure garages, exit doors to get a spotlight and cover the shadow so that all the sides of your lawn are illuminated equally. 

#5 LEDs

It is much preferable to use LEDs in place of incandescent bulbs or halogen. LEDs have a longer life when compared to other types of lights and generally can bear seasonal wear and tear. 

5 Things to Know for the Best Outdoor Lighting for a Patio


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